Information On Adult Karate Classes

In today's competitive world, martial art training provides you with mental benefits as well as a healthier, less stressful lifestyle. Our training regimen develops self awareness, self assurance and self confidence.

You don't need unusual physical skills, just the desire to develop martial art skills and a positive self image. Our classes are relaxed and rewarding, and our instructors are helpful and supportive. Designed for both teens and adults, with no previous training required.

Adult karate classes in Canton, CT

Self Defense

Self defense for adults is more than just keeping cool in a situation and taking precautions. Our self defense system gives you the confidence and training to properly defend yourself or a loved one in the event a dangerous situation should arise.

Kids self defense in Canton, CT

Traditional Forms

As a traditional martial arts, part of Tang Soo Do involves learning sets of movements and techniques called forms. These forms require both focus and discipline to master.

Adults learn forms as part of their training at Sawyer's Martial Arts. Forms promote strong fundamentals of technique, balance, speed, and power as well as a great cardio work out.

Kids practing Karate forms in Canton, CT


Students of all levels regularly practice the art of sparring. This controlled contact fighting reinforces proper technique and develops fast thinking, endurance, strength and discipline. Sparring exercises the mind as much as the body. Proper planning, movement, timing, and execution are required to succeed as students progress to higher levels. Sparring is an optional practice at the end of most classes.

Kids sparring

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We would like to invite you to come and try our classes at no cost and see for your self. No gimmicks or catches, no contracts to sign first. We believe that by trying our classes first hand that you'll enjoy them, feel the benefits, and want to stay. If not, there is NO obligation or cost to you.

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