Our Instructors and Black Belts


Our school is owned and operated by Master Mark Sawyer, a highly respected 7th degree master belt with over 35 years experience teaching, training, and competing in martial arts. In addition, our certified black belt instructors bring over 125 years of combined expertise in martial arts. Click on an instructor to read their profile

Master Mark Sawyer

Mark Sawyer

  • 7th Dan Master Belt
Master Karen Kane

Karen Kane

  • 5th Dan Master Belt
Master Dan Hinman

Dan Hinman

  • 5th Dan Master Belt
Master Jill Goldfarb

Jill Goldfarb

  • 4th Dan Master Belt
Mr. Timothy Brodeur

Timothy Brodeur

  • 2nd Dan Black Belt
Mr. Sean Stall

Sean Stall

  • 2nd Dan Black Belt
Mr. Kaleb Abalan

Kaleb Abalan

  • 1st Dan Black Belt
Mr. Alex Psillis

Alex Psillis

  • 1st Dan Black Belt