Get 1 month of classes and a FREE Uniform for $29


The perfect option for anyone interested in trying karate classes. This trial program is for new students only and is specially designed to challenge and reward you physically and mentally. In just a short period of time you will notice increased strength and endurance as well as have more positive outlook and confidence.

Oh, and you get a FREE uniform too!

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Excellent! My son is shy, in his first class he received one on one instruction. It took 15-20 before he finally complied with the instruction, and by the end he was engaged in the class. My son is looking forward to his next class!


Karate classes for kids

  • Special attention for your child to encourage their learning
  • Develop increased focus, control, discipline, and respect
  • Build confidence and leadership traits that last a lifetime
  • Learn self-defense while having fun
  • NO Contracts or commitments
  • Attend Unlimited classes during the trial
Kids Karate classes in Canton, CT

We were pleasantly surprised at the structure and focus provided to each student. We were also very happy with the regular pricing once our trial ends. My son loves his instructors and there's many class times to choose from so he can go several times a week. We would highly recommend!


Adult Karate classes in Canton, CT

Karate classes for Adults

  • Learn practical self-defense and self-awareness
  • Increase strength and stamina while learning martial arts
  • Improve balance and flexibility in a positive enviroment
  • De-stress your work week while learning new skills
  • NO Contracts or commitments
  • Attend Unlimited classes during the trial